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What are Moz Domain Authority metrics?

Moz is platform to check website score metrics. Moz platform launched in 2004 by Rand Fishkin. Moz is also called as SEOMoz tools. They provides various tools that helps users to understand their websites performances and Domain Authority is one of the Ranking given by Moz to each websites between 1 to 100. Website having Domain Authority 1 assumed to be less popular and gave less potential then websites with High Domain Authority. Domain Authority in short is known as DA where D stands for Domain and A stands for Authority.

What are Moz Page Authority metrics?

Like Domain Authority covers complete domain irrespective of any particular page on the domain, The Page authority refers to a particular page on that Domain. Each page have its own different Page Authority. Pages with less Page Authority are having less potential or less popularity then pages with high Page Authority. Page Authority is less useful when we decide whether to get backlink from a particular domain. Getting backlinks from high domain authority websites directly affects your website organic rankings and will boost your presence in market.

DA PA Checker

As we understands DA and PA are useful metrics for any website owner or for any SEO person who is deciding whether to link that website or not. There are many DA PA Checker tools available in market that claims to help you to check your metrics but most of them use Moz free API`s that does not provide latest data. They are showing you near around rankings but not exact. We at LetMePost are using Moz paid API`s to check Domain Authority, Page Authority and Spam score from Moz database.
Metrics delivered by us are 100% genuine and real time streamed. Our platform is also highly recommended by Moz for checking bulk DA PA for your websites. We are using 2021 latest version of Moz API`s that claims to cover more SEO prospectives rather then older versions of Moz API.

Domain Authority value van varies between 1 - 100 where 100 being is on top and is considered as High DA website. As of today March 2021, Only Facebook have 100 DA all over the web and we all know how genuine is facebook. They uses various algorithms and SEO factors to calculate DA of any website. Moz team consistently working to include more and more SEO factors so the Authority of DA word can be increased further.

Bulk DA PA Checker

All SEO Agencies and bloggers have many domains with them for which they are Interested to know DA at once. We received many request from our users for Bulk DA PA Checker tool so here we are introducing this feature to check domain authority of multiple domains at once using our bulk Domain authority checker tool.

Moz Spam Checker

With this DA PA Checker tool, We also provide Moz Spam checker tool for you. We are using premium API`s from MOZ to get actual spam score metrics for your website. Enter your domain or multiple domains URLs and into our bulk spam score checker to get metrics easily from MOZ directly.